What’s the Deal With SA Wellness Challenges?

Fitness challenges are on the up and up in SA, and as is often the case when we become spoiled for choice, it’s hard to know which one to pick! Here are a few useful bits of info to bear in mind when making that awesome commitment to say YES to change.

screenhunter_1629-oct-17-11-01What makes fitness challenges so popular?
Wellness/fitness challenges are great motivators for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are incentivized. Many people need the competitive element – and the promise of rewards – to fuel their commitment, and most of SA’s challenges offer a nice lump sum of cash and prizes at the finish line. Then, challenges are goal-oriented. Continue reading

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Brain Food on a Budget!

screenhunter_1565-sep-29-16-11While our diets have clear effects on our physical health – like our susceptibility to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and some cancers – they play a crucial role in brain health as well. The foods we consume influence our moods, our cravings and our cognitive abilities – even our memory. The effects of food on brain health are most significant when observing their absence: a poor diet can increase our risk of mental disorders and neuro-degenerative diseases. Continue reading

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Toning up in a Hurry for Summer!

screenhunter_1493-sep-15-13-45We all know that feeling of casually glancing at the calendar, and suddenly realising that months have flashed before our very eyes! How on earth did January become September?! If you’ve neglected your gym routine all winter and summer is sneaking up on you in a hurry, here are three tips and three moves to get you beach ready in no time.

Push yourself
Choose quality over quantity. Make your time in the gym count by upping your intensity, replacing long, medium intensity workouts for short bursts of hard training. Continue reading

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Forget Office Networking – We’re Sweatworking!

screenhunter_1466-sep-07-14-12Office environments have been coming under fire in recent years for their promotion of seriously sedentary behaviour. Hours slouching in front of a screen in one position is detrimental to our health – and the world is starting to notice! With more and more stats pouring in about our increase of chronic disease in these environments  – for example, sedentary office workers who do no exercise have a 60 per cent higher risk of premature death – corporates are looking to add more motion into the typical work day! Introducing…. Sweatworking. Continue reading

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10 Tips for Transitioning from Winter to Spring

In just two short weeks, winter will be a distant, chilly memory, and we’ll be able to embrace the early mornings and warm sunshine that SA is so famous for! If you feel the pillowy effects of hibernating a little more than anticipated, here are some of my tips to shrug off the chillier season.

ScreenHunter_1364 Aug. 19 13.12Detox
Let go of bad winter habits with a nutrient-rich cleanse. Our bodies naturally preserve more energy in the cold, and with lower activity levels this can mean more fat storage. Skip the caffeine, wheat, refined foods, sugar, salt, red meat and fizzy drinks. In addition to prepping your body for summer exposure, you’re going to boost your energy levels exponentially too. Continue reading

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Body Types in a Nutshell

ScreenHunter_1318 Aug. 12 16.52We all have that skinny friend – you know the one! She demolishes man-size pizzas with ease and considers walking to the car as her daily exercise, yet she still manages to look like a supermodel prepped for New York fashion week! On the other hand, you get individuals who gym daily, have eyes only for chicken and broccoli and still battle to stay in shape. What gives? Genes, for a start. Our bodies are built differently, and respond differently to the type of food and exercise we choose. Blame it on our individuality – but one diet and training programme just don’t work across the board. Continue reading

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My Thoughts on the ‘Dad Bod’!

ScreenHunter_1262 Jul. 28 14.19Popularity is still on the increase for the newly appreciated ‘Dad Bod’. While some men are embracing health and fitness to higher degrees than ever before, others are earning a celebration of sorts for being, quite frankly, ‘average’.

Defining the ‘Dad Bod’
The New York Times went so far as to quantify this ‘Dad Bod’, stating it as an extra 5 kilograms of weight, an extra two inches of width around the waist, and a belly that sticks out an extra half inch. Continue reading

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