6 Reasons I Wear a Fitbit

screenhunter_2004-nov-29-09-23It’s no secret that I (and most of my team) love Fitbit trackers. This is one item that is on my person at all times, and I’m proud to say that I make use of most of the awesome functions it offers. If you’ve been wondering whether it’s time to make the leap and invest in a Fitbit, here are some the ways it serves me on a daily basis to help you make your mind up!

It motivates me daily
This seems to be a universal benefit of a Fitbit and
fitness trackers in general. There is something about having the idea of 10 000 steps in your mind, then seeing your own steps creep up as you go about your day. That changing number on my screen is definitely what pushes me to add in extra movement on a daily basis. Also, a Fitbit not only makes you aware of your activity – but your inactivity too. When I’ve had particularly low activity levels for a day or two, that number on my Fitbit screen sticks with me and encourages me to push harder the next day. Fitbit also lets you set weekly exercise goals based on the number of days per week you want to be active, and provides a daily visual to show you how much of your quota you have reached. This is another daily reminder that makes skipping a workout pretty difficult.

screenhunter_2005-nov-29-09-24It keeps an eye on my sleep
I take sleep very seriously; the quality of my day and performance in any capacity is hugely influenced by how rested I am. Balanced sleep hormones regulate our energy, appetite and metabolism, and can serve as a powerful influence in the success of one’s day. In a nutshell? DON’T overrate it! Although every night’s sleep as a new mom is now broken to some degree, I am much more conscious of my sleep patterns thanks to my Fitbit. This helps me understand why I’m feeling exhausted, what’s keeping me up (apart from Bella, of course) and if it’s worth sneaking in a power nap where possible. Checking out these stats in graph form over a while can really give you value insight into your sleeping patterns and if they need improving.

It monitors my heart rate
This function is surprisingly helpful – particularly during pregnancy. I am a firm believer in the RPE scale (Rate of Perceived Exertion) and regularly tailor my cardio workouts around this. Now I can get accurate by monitoring my heart rate during my sessions and guaranteeing I am in my fat burning zone during intense intervals. Heart rate needs to be monitored carefully during pregnancy, and having a portable, perpetual monitor on me at all times made pregnancy a breeze.

screenhunter_2007-nov-29-09-49It means I can be ‘on call’ without my phone
I’ll admit I am glued to my phone from the start to finish of every day. Incoming call notifications on display on my Fitbit mean that certain tasks like working out or feeding Bella can now be phone-free. This is exceptionally handy when your hands are full or you don’t want to disrupt your workout to read your phone!

I don’t just count my steps
Much as I love the initiative of reaching 10 000 steps, the truth is there are plenty of effective alternatives to keeping fit and healthy. Unlike the simple pedometer, my Fitbit counts steps, stairs climbed, my active minutes and then still lets me manually enter other exercise activities of the day – like an hour of yoga or weight training. Every time I choose to manually log my activity, it replaces any accrued steps during that logged time with the specifics of the activity logged. This even includes breastfeeding!

screenhunter_2008-nov-29-09-55It helps me track calories
I’m not one for excessive calorie counting, but it never hurts to have a rough idea in your mind of how many calories you generally take in through food and how many you to extend through exercise. I keep a rough count of my calories in-versus-out on my Fitbit, where it’s easy to plug in homemade meals and log activity. With baby in the picture now, it’s so easy to get lost in the fog between feeding and sleeping, and this log helps me keep an eye on my general calorie expenditure – like I said, it even lets me log in my breastfeeding activity, which there is a LOT of! Little things like that can slide off the radar when your schedule is hectic and irregular, and that’s where a log comes in handy.


About Lisa Raleigh

Media personality. Wellness expert on Expresso TV Show. Producer and presenter for Trace Sports Stars. Owner of SUNfit, well i am Challenge and Noble Jewelry Collection. Dog Lover!
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